About Baby Signing

Join Happy Ears the rabbit, Rameez the hippo, Martha the monkey and a host of other wonderful friends to discover the wonderful world of baby signing.

Take part in our 3-day Relax & Sing Baby Signing Instructors Training to learn how to facilitate fabulous and enjoyable baby signing sessions for parents and babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

All the signs taught through our course are British Sign Language signs, so parents also learn the foundation of a new language. Following our training, you will feel confident teaching parents around 250 key signs to use with their babies.

Signing is a wonderful way for parents to communicate with their little ones before they can talk. It is widely recognised by speech and language experts as helping to encourage development of a child’s speech.

Babies use signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. By teaching extra signs, such as for milk, tired, and nappy, you will help reduce frustration (for parent and baby), encourage babies to recognise important words and ‘talk’ to their parents before they are able to speak.

We know that babies love puppets, music, peekaboo, exploring different textures and playing with toys. So, we build all of this into our training.

The music from our course has been developed by Edinburgh musician, Oliver Ridgewell. Following our training, you will also be able to offer live music baby signing sessions in your area. Guaranteed to get parents and babies smiling, singing and signing along!

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