What the parents say

We think Relax and Sing Baby Massage and Yoga is wonderful, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of the parents that have been on our course have said:


“We just attended a relax and sing taster and thoroughly enjoyed it. The sensory materials Onie uses are great and my little one absolutely loved the songs and massage session. I even learnt all the words to row, row, row your boat. Who knew there was more than one verse!

Will definitely be doing more. Onie is a great teacher and it was such a relaxed environment.”


“This was my first foray into baby activities as a first time mum. The class was about 8-10 mums with dads welcome too. Onie really knows how to run a group, with nice introductions and the opportunity to chat about the little ones achievements. She was genuinely interested in our babies – Her class felt relaxed and fun.

“I learned some beautiful songs and gradually learned to give my baby a full body massage and then a little shiatsu. My little girl loved it- she’d push out her belly in appreciation! She’d also look at the babies either side of her and smile away. I got to know other parents and kept in touch with most of them.

“It was a lovely experience so much so I enrolled again! I’ve been to lots of groups and this one is a must. I massage my little girl every night after her bath and thanks to Onie I feel like I know what I’m doing..”


“My Lo and I really enjoyed this course. It was fun, informal and relaxing. The venue is lovely and Onie is a great teacher. A really nice first activity to do with your baby.”


“My lively, wriggly daughter loved the baby massage group – it was such a treat to have a more relaxed time with her, it was a lovely bonding experience for both of us. Also Onie takes great care in making people feel welcome and supported, she has a wonderful way with babies and their parents. ”


“Did relax and sing baby massage and yoga with both my little ones – loved it! Great way to bond with your baby, make friends, and learn great soothing and calming techniques.”


“This is a lovely, calm and welcoming class, and is particularly great for very young babies. It’s a nice way to meet other mums and make new friends, as well as a lovely chance to bond with your baby and learn some really useful massage techniques.”


“My daughter and I did the baby massage course last autumn – loved it! For six weeks Wednesdays mornings felt like a treat. Of the handful of baby activities we had a go at, it was my favourite and the most relaxing by a long chalk.”


“Along with some of my NCT friends, baby Holly and I did the baby massage course. It was great fun and really easy to follow the techniques. Onie was a brilliant tutor and Mum’s and babies all enjoyed it a lot. A nice way to spend an hour chatting, eating cake and learning some new skills. Holly really likes the tummy massage in particular and it’s been great for her reflux and keeping her ‘regular’! Highly recommend it…..”

Sue Miles

“I have just completed the baby massage course with Connor, my 5 month old son. It was great. Onie creates a very friendly and relaxed session and it was a lovely way to meet new mums too. The course is very instructive and fun and we have learnt lots of techniques to use at home. Connor is a very active munchkin and I found this calming class a great way to chill him out, so much so that we are looking to book on to another course in January. I would highly recommend knotstressed to others. Thanks again Onie!”

Jo Surcouf

“Onie is still a big part of our son’s life. We attended the baby massage course and he loves his nightly massage after his bath (despite my less than note perfect singing!).” 


“I have a 5 month old baby and recently arranged for Onie to run a baby massage taster session for myself and a group of other mums that I regularly meet with. Onie came to one of our homes and ran a very enjoyable, relaxed class introducing the various massage techniques that can be used to relax and soothe babies. We all thoroughly enjoyed and noted that all our babies were positively sleepy and relaxed for the rest of the day! I would certainly recommend and encourage other mums to invite Onie to their group meetings – a good alternative from the usual coffee and cake that dominates such gatherings!”

Clare C

“I had no doubt that I wanted to attend Onie’s baby massage class when the time was right and I was not disappointed. At almost five months, my daughter was a little older than most of the babies when we started the class but with the added dimension of songs and rhymes, I felt she was a perfect age. The course gradually built up the massage routine step by step and as I grew in confidence my daughter began to enjoy massage more and relaxed into the experience. We try to incorporate a little massage into our daily routine and we both cherish that special time. Thanks very much Onie!”


“I have enjoyed Onie’s wonderful baby massage courses with all 3 of my little ones. Onie is one of few therapists who really know what to do pre and post natally. She is a genuinely lovely lady.”


“My little girl and I have just been doing the baby massage course and I’m so glad we did it. Eva is a lively lass and not only has she really enjoyed it but it has been great at bedtimes to calm her down and share some smiles.”.


“Just wanted to write and thank you. We had a really great time on the Baby Massage Course. It was a new experience for us and something I had never heard of before having a baby. I found it very interesting and useful and now find I use large parts of the routines we learned everyday.
Thanks again for the excellent course.”

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